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TeX Converter 2.60

It is a program that will convert TEX or LATEX files to another format
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Steve Mayer

TEX Converter is a Windows front-end to a number of programs that convert TEX or LATEX files to another format:
- HEVEA converts LATEX files to HTML without using graphics

- TTH converts (LA)TEX files to HTML without using graphics

- TeX4ht converts (LA)TEX files to HTML using GIFs, PNGs or JPEGs

- LATEX2HTML converts LATEX files to HTML using GIFs or PNGs

- TeXify is part of MiKTEX and converts (LA)TEX files to DVI and PDF

- LATEX and pdfLATEX are part of MiKTEX and convert LATEX files to DVI and PDF respectively
All these programs run in DOS and require complicated command lines. The purpose of TEX Converter is to unify them into an easy to use Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP program.
The program will convert LATEX files written by Scientific Notebook, Scientific Word and Scientific Workplace.
Mathematicians may have had a big part to play in designing computers yet mathematics can be very difficult to put on the screen. Trying to get maths pages onto the internet only makes life more difficult.
The same problem arose some 20 years ago when using print and was solved by Donald Knuth who invented TEX which allowed mathematicians to input and print well-designed mathematical pages.
The TEX format is now the preferred file format for mathematics. A number of programs have been written to convert this format into other common formats:
- HTML to view on the internet

- PDF Adobe's file format which can be read using Acrobat Reader

- DVI which gives a 'print preview' of typeset mathematics.

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